Knee Braces – Why choose Synergy?


Total Patient Care



  • Personalised Phone call prior to appointment
  • Full measurement and fitting
  • Multi angled video analysis



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At Synergy we pride ourselves in providing top quality services and products which are tailor made to your needs. Our specialists have extensive experience in knee injuries, ranging from degenerative arthritis to traumatic sports injuries and this is key in making sure you get the optimum results from your brace.

From your first phone call with a Physio at the beginning, through our comprehensive fitting pathway to after-care, we will ensure you have the best service at Synergy. Beyond measuring and fitting the brace we take into account a full assessment of your knee’s biomechanics, strengths and weaknesses and we personalise the service you receive based on the results and what activities you want to do.


The stages in our brace service are as follows:


  1. 1. Individual phone call with a Physio

    Firstly we advise that you contact us by phone so that one of our highly trained specialists can discuss your personal requirements and check what brace is suitable for your needs. At this point we may ask some questions surround the history of any knee problems and about the activities you take part in.

  2. 2. Full measurements at the Clinic

    You will then be asked to attend the clinic where we will measure your knee and assess your muscles, ligaments and any degree of instability you may have. The measurements will be used to order your brace. (Custom CTi Braces will have the option here to choose the colour or pattern of your choice.)

  3. 3. Fitting and Video Analysis

    At your next appointment we will fit your new brace and ensure you are happy with the fit, including fastening and release processes. We will then conduct a multi-angled video analysis of you either walking or running. Seeing what biomechanical stresses your knee undergoes during these movements helps us identify any unnatural strains or pressure through your knee. If the rest of your body, such as your hips, ankles and back are not moving as they should, the knees will have compensated for that and been overworked. From the analysis our specialists can provide advice or if required, provide further training on how to get these body areas moving correctly and thereby helping to prevent future injury.

Synergy’s comprehensive process will make sure you are happy with the fit and feel of your new brace, enabling an effective and confident return to your activities.