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Lower Back Pain Causes & Treatment

Your back, spine and neck muscles are some of the most complex, and crucial muscles in your body. 

It shouldn’t be a surprise then that lower back pain which you may as associate with ‘sciatica’ is one of the most common complaints. 

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Race preparation and recovery

Preparing for race day can be a minefield with huge amount of resources out there regarding what to do in the week before and after the race. That is without your various experienced running friends giving you their own personal tips tricks and...

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Should you have a Sport Massage before the big race day

All hail the sports massage!

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Sprained Knee Recovery Time – What You Need to Know?


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Sports injury rehabilitation: How to come back from an injury stronger than ever

Have you recently been injured playing a sport?

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Should I wear a knee brace for running?

Are you a keen runner? Do you ever suffer from knee pain or feel a niggle in your knee when running? If you answered “yes” to the above, you’re not alone. 

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Do I need a running coach?

Running is one of the most accessible and popular sports in the world.

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Train SMART Not Hard This January!


Train smart this year

It’s the same at the start of every year: more runners and cyclists on the road, a crammed gym and a dying need to burn off the Christmas calories. But by doing too much (volume), too hard (intensity) and too often...

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Dyspraxia in adults vs. dyspraxia in children

Healthcare professionals generally use the more accurate name Developmental Co-ordination Disorder (DCD) to describe this condition.
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How to choose the best child physiotherapist


Do you think your child needs to see a child physiotherapist?

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