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November 16, 2018
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Our premier running service is our Running MOT.  Here we explain what it involves:


1. Record your Running


Once you have warmed up on the treadmill, we take videos from the side and from behind.  This enables us to see how your whole body is moving and more importantly allows us to show you what’s going on.   


2. Analyse


Using the latest analysis software, we will take each part of your running in turn and label where the good (and bad) parts are. Most importantly, the video analysis gives you the opportunity to see how you run. Visualising is key to making improvements to your running technique as it gives you an objective look at what is happening when you run and how you can improve it.

3. Movement Screen

Movement Screen

A movement screen is an assessmenof several functional movements.  Its vital to understand objectively whats going on when you run. The movement screen combined with the running analysis then allows us to prescribe specific exercises to improve mobility, stability and strength in areas required to improve your running. 


4. 1:1 Coaching


The key to improving your running technique is having professional coaching advice. Verbal cues, demonstrations and hands on feedback will all be used to help improve your technique. Having a professional watch and coach you in real time is far superior to reading tips online and watching videos on YouTube about help you improve your technique. Verbal, visual and kinaesthetic feedback will allow you to make big improvements quickly.


5. Re-analyse


A side by side before and after video will once again give you the opportunity to visualise and highlight your improvements and your new technique. This will also give you total clarity on what you need to keep doing to continue making amazing improvements.


6. Bespoke Exercise and Strength Plan

Running and Movt Centre Picture

Once you leave the session, we want you to continue to progress in your running, so we will give you a bespoke plan to ensure you keep up the great work! Strength training is a component of running training often overlooked. Based on the running analysis and movement screen we will prescribe exercises that target specific muscle groups required to improve your running. Strength training is fundamental in building the foundations of your running to help improve joint stability and reduce your risk of injury by contributing to better biomechanics.

So where’s the best place to start?

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