What, assess my own ankle?

March 5, 2015
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Complete Rehabilitation

Last week we looked at the importance of ankle dorsi-flexion to running and the potential risk of injury. This week we are using video to show you a simple test that we can use to see if indeed you do have a restriction in your ankles. We also give you a slight pointer towards what might be causing the problem.

So give the test above a try! We must stress that although where you feel the restriction is a indicator of the possible cause, it is not always that simple so if in doubt get it checked out.

Next week we will look at some simple exercises and strategies to help you improve your ankle movement.

If you think that you have stiffness in this area that is causing or has caused a problem then please e-mail us at E: info@synergyphysio.co.uk quoting; BlogDF for free advice.

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