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Women's Pelvic Health Evening

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Monday 13th May

at Synergy Physio, High Street, Egham TW20 9EX.


Our Women's Health Education evening is FREE and designed specifically for women of all ages

During the free session, Jodie Hayward will:

  • Explain the common symptoms you may have experienced or are worried about

    Explain exactly what some common conditions are,  and discuss them in detail.  Jodie will tell you what is normal, what may be something more serious and crucially, what conditions (the vast majority) are treatable.

  • Dispel some common myths

    Women's health problems have an underlying cause. However, too many women think their problems cannot be solved and they just have to manage the symptoms. Treating the cause rather than just the symptoms will lead to much better results.  Understand the fact and fiction.

  • Show you how you can help

    Clear, simple exercises and advice that you can take away and get started on straight away.