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Post natal pilates course

6 Week course at Synergy Physio

St Johns Woking

Tuesdays 10am 6 Nov - 11 Dec

Rebecca Bennett, our Women's Health Specialist Physio sees many new mums every week.  Her Post Natal Pilates class is the perfect way to get back to exercise after having a baby.  Its all set in a relaxed, informative and fun atmosphere.

  • This post-natal Pilates class is specially designed for new mums. The first sessions are over 6 weeks.  The structure is carefully designed so the exercises and advice are safe and appropriate. 

  • If you have never done Pilates before then it’s no problem – we go at a very steady pace and there is plenty of opportunity for questions and advice.

  • Remember – it's not all about the stomach.  Strengthening arms, legs, glutes/bum, back, neck as well as improving posture and pelvic floor are all the things you should look for in a postnatal Pilates class.

  • If you have had stitches for tears or C-Section then gently moving and exercising can improve blood flow and improve healing times.  Posture is so important in new mums and feeding, lifting and carrying all put strain on your back, neck and arms.