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Why Choose Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is generally considered to be the most complete form of treatment available.

It involves a thorough assessment of joints, muscles and ligaments to identify what the problem is, what is causing it and what the best solution is.

In most cases this will then involve a combination of hands-on treatments such as: massage, acupuncture, mobilisation, taping, ultrasound and exercise therapy.

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Get back to full heath with physio, sports massage and sports rehab.

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Why are we different?

At Synergy we believe in three key things:

Helping our clients to understand what their problem is and what the solution is.

Combining hands-on treatment with specialist rehabilitation to ensure complete recovery.

Getting to the root cause of the problem or issue in order to prevent it from returning.

Meet the Physiotherapy Team

Alex Lee

Alex Lee

Clinical lead

Maisie Record

Maisie Record

Chartered Physiotherapist

Rhianne Black

Rhianne Black

Chartered Physiotherapist

Lower Back Pain Causes & Treatment | Synergy Woking

Posted on March 30th, 2024 in Back Pain.
Your back, spine and neck muscles are some of the most complex, and crucial muscles in your body. It shouldn’t be a surprise then that lower back pain which you may as associate with ‘sciatica’ is one of the most common complaints. Lower back pain can be caused by a very wide range...

What our Clients say...

Having completed the course with Andy last year, my running seems to be coming on in leaps and bounds (pun intended)! I seem to be able to hold a much quicker average pace without increasing effort.


I was referred to Synergy Physio by my consultant to help me get stronger as I have Hypermobility Syndrome. Andy was great as he taught me how to run properly which gave me lots of confidence and improved my football skills. I saw myself on video too!

H Wilkinson

Doing the running school was fantastic! I learnt so much and was very impressed with the knowledge and expertise of Andy and Suz. I was able to train for the London marathon effectively, without injury, and got a better time than I had expected. I can’t thank you enough for helping me achieve this life goal of mine.

Ellie Hearne

Synergy helped me understand where my running style may be the cause of some of the pains and injuries I’d been experiencing (I’d never been taught to run before). They guided me on changes to make to reduce the likelihood of strain or injury.


Thank you Synergy you helping me to climb the stairs again. Sounds like a simple thing but it has made a big difference to my life. I have had 2 hip replacements and I live in a town house with two flights of stairs and for the last 12 months I have been going up one step at a time.

Mrs Pauline Green

Its six months since I finished my course with Suz and Andy in Woking, and I’ve been completely injury free ever since, my longest period of pain free running since I started taking it more seriously 7 years ago.

Ian S

Not sure?

If you are still not sure that Physiotherapy at Synergy is the right choice for you, why not book an online consultation with one of our clinical team to discuss your current problem? It is free, 15 minutes long and there is no obligation to book an appointment when finished. We might even be able to help!

Woking: 01483 608350
Egham: 01784 605378
Orbit Leisure Centre: 01784 918281