What is pilates?

Pilates is a physical fitness system that focuses on total body conditioning. It uses proper alignment, concentration, control, precision, flowing movement, and breathing to achieve a perfect working body from inside out. The pilates exercises give much emphasis on building strength, toning lean muscles, flexibility, and lengthening and aligning the spine. It focuses on the core, which serves as the powerhouse of the body. This made pilates popular in the field of fitness and rehabilitation.

How did pilates start?

Pilates was created in 1920 by Joseph Pilates, who is a physical trainer. He developed pilates for the purpose of rehabilitation. It was first used on soldiers returning from war to significantly improve their rehabilitation and regain their health.

The pilates principles       

This exercise program focuses on improving flexibility, strength, and body awareness. Unlike other exercise program, pilates do not aim in building bulk. The movements are controlled and performed on specially designed apparatus or on the floor. The session is supervised by a trained instructor. It is not a cardio exercise. It is a resistance exercise, but it can significantly rise the heart rate in the deconditioning stage. Its key elements are core muscle strength and spinal alignment. During the pilates session, the instructor will prompt you to focus on core muscles, breathing, muscle contraction, and quality of movements. The body, mind, and spirit should coordinate with each other.

Who can do pilates?

FPilates suits anyone. You have to be familiar with the main principles of pilates before engaging in the program. However, if you have an illness, injury, or medical condition, you have to be cautious in performing pilates as some of the exercise routine might not be right for you. The same thing goes for pregnant women and those who had just a baby. That’s why it’s important to make sure you choose the best pilates professionals such as the ones at Synergy Physio.

What are the main benefits of pilates?

There are a lot of benefits you can get from pilates. It strengthens and lengthens the muscles. It improves flexibility, increases mobility, and expects an overall slimming in just a short period of time. It is beneficial in correcting posture and alignment. It is a great relief from stress. Unlike other workout routine, pilates won’t leave you feeling tired. It boosts your energy level and gives positive systemic effects on the body. It facilitates removal of toxins and waste. Your digestive process will significantly improve too.

Pilates is beneficial to patients suffering from many types of back pain.. It can help to alleviate pain and improves postural symmetry. Pilates significantly improves the strength and flexibility of the muscles, especially the muscles of the hips and shoulder girdle.

With pilates exercise routine, you will be able to improve your strength, flexibility, and concentration. The level of exercise varies depending on your body’s ability and adaptability. Those who are new in pilates should start from the very beginning of the routine, although the entry level varies depending on the assessment of the trainer.

Pilates is one of the best physical fitness systems today. It hits your core without making you feel weak and tired. Performing regular Pilates will help you to improve your posture, strengthen your core and eliminate muscle imbalances. On top of that, pilates can help to alleviate lower back pain and stress, as well as improving mobility.