At Synergy, our Chartered Physiotherapists have a wealth of experience that allows us to provide each individual patient with a holistic treatment approach that is needed for optimal rehabilitation. We are focussed on helping people achieve their goals, understand their body and make positive changes to their health and lifestyle.

We use video biomechanical analysis to give our team a comprehensive insight into how you run, walk and move. We can then prepare a bespoke treatment plan to re-educate your movement patterns within your running, walking or multi directional sports.

We achieve our Complete Rehabilitation approach through the unique combination of Physiotherapists and Rehabilitation Specialists. The combination of these two professionals will ensure that we not only resolve your pain but also return you to your pre-injury activity levels with less chance of getting injured in the future.

Working alongside GP’s and Consultants, allows us to ensure we have all the information we need to give you the best possible care and provide them with a regular update as to your progress, which is particularly important when choosing post-operative rehabilitation. We also have particular specialism in Women’s Health and Paediatrics and receive numerous consultant referrals in this area.