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Why have a biomechanical running analysis?


A biomechanical running analysis is used to investigate why your running is not how it could/should be, why you are not achieving your goals and to aid with training.
The main reasons people come for an analysis is to learn:

  • Injury prevention & protecting your joints
  • Improving efficiency, speed and race times
  • Increasing running strength and comfort


What happens during an analysis?


During the analysis, your whole body will be filmed from two angles to allow our technique coaches to fully analyse and explain every aspect of how you run. The coach will talk to you about your injury history, goals and running background. Once you have been filmed, the footage will be put onto our computer software and the coach will explain where you have flaws in your running and why they could be hindering your performance or causing you injuries.

The whole analysis will take about 20 minutes – and you will only be running for about 5 minutes at your normal running pace. Don’t worry – this is not a hard workout – it’s a chance for us to look at how you run and discuss it with you.


What to bring


For the analysis, you should wear your normal running clothes and trainers. No mud covered or spiked shoes please.

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