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Medical Insurance

We are recognised by all the leading Medical Insurance Companies including BUPA and AXA PPP.

You can see most of their logos above, but we are covered by many more than we have room to display. Please contact us if you need our provider numbers or if you are covered by an insurer not listed.

Insurance and Synergy – things you need to know…

You’ll be required to bring all of your insurance authorisation information with you – or have it to hand – to your initial appointment and you will have to complete the details on our registration form.

Of course, you can save time at your initial appointment by downloading the form now and printing and completing it before you come. You can find that registration form here.

Before you start any treatment:

  1. Each insurance policy is different, and we advise you to ensure well in advance that your treatment is covered, whatever insurance company you have cover with.
  2. It’s very important to check whether you need to be referred by a doctor or a consultant before receiving treatment as part of the conditions of your cover.

Please be aware that it is your policy and Synergy Physiotherapy cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred / not covered by your insurance.

Synergy’s physios are registered to provide treatment to members of most of the well-known insurance companies.

However, we can only claim treatment costs on your behalf from a small number of companies (listed below).

For all other companies we can provide you with receipts for payments made by you which you can use to claim treatment costs directly from your insurer.

At your first appointment with Synergy Physiotherapy:

Covered by BUPA, BUPA International, AXA PPP (also AXA Bristol & Simply Health), AVIVA, or WPA?

Great! We are able to bill the above named insurance companies on your behalf, but we must first insist on you giving us the required information for us to do so on your registration form:

  • The name of your insurer
  • your up-to-date membership / policy number
  • your injury pre-authorisation number (which you must have obtained from your insurance company)
  • number of sessions you have been authorised to have
  • your policy limitations, i.e. your excess amount,

Excesses for above policies

You will be expected to pay the excess payment in full at the first appointment.

If you are unsure about the excess payment, please bring your insurance documentation with you to the first appointment and our reception team will be able to help you to understand what costs you must pay upfront.

In the case that you do not know what your excess is, we will take a payment of £100 which is the standard amount – We will be able to reimburse any overpayments to you in full once all treatment has been fully processed and paid for by your insurance.

Payments required in lieu of insurance details at initial appointment

If you cannot provide all of the above details at your first appointment, you will be asked to pay for the appointment. You can contact us following your appointment with any details you failed to have at the outset and we can then bill your insurance company.

Whilst we make sure your insurance company is covering that initial appointment we will hold on to the payment. We will then be able to reimburse any payments to you in full once all treatment has been fully processed and paid for by your insurance.

Not covered by any of the insurance companies named above?

For insurance companies where we are unable to claim your treatment costs directly with the company, we ask patients to reclaim their fees directly from their insurer. Therefore payment for treatment is required at the end of each session.

The only information regarding your insurance we would like to be aware of is the number of sessions you have been authorised and we ask you to supply this on your registration form.

Whilst it is your responsibility to keep on top of the number of sessions you are having, we will try to keep a log with you so that you do not exceed your limitation and therefore risk not being reimbursed for treatment.

Claiming treatment from your insurance

We will not require any excess payment as you will be asked to pay for your appointment costs as you go.

We will be able to provide you with any receipts for treatment, with the lead physio’s name and HCPC number. You may be required to put your policy details on the receipt before you submit them and if you need us to add this information, please just contact us and we will be happy to help.

In most instances you will need to contact your insurance yourself because of data protection.

We do not hold any insurance information or know the details of your policy.

Below are some examples why your insurance company may not always pay an invoice you submit to them:

  • you may have reached your maximum benefit. Eg, If your policy limit is £500 and the value of your treatment sessions goes over this you will have to pay the outstanding amount.
  • your insurance company may decide to limit the number of treatment sessions you are allowed. If so, you will need to pay for all treatment sessions outstanding.
  • your insurance company may not allow you to have 2 appointments on the same day.
  • You may not have put in place the relevant authorisation, or if your employer has to authorise treatment then you may not have this benefit available until it is authorised. If so, you will need to pay for all treatment until this is resolved.

If any of the above occur then you as the patient, must discuss this with your insurance company. Synergy will not reimburse any treatment that you have had outside of your authorisation as it is your responsibility to know what treatment you are or are not authorised to have.

It is important to note that you can only claim for physiotherapy treatment. You may not be able to claim for:

  • Missed appointments
  • running, pilates classes or massage appointments
  • tape, rollers or any other equipment

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