What is knee bracing?


Knee braces can be beneficial for a variety of different knee conditions by providing extra support for painful or injured knees.

Patients suffering from knee deficiencies may use braces to reduce pain, improve mobility, prevent knee injuries during sports or other activities, or as an alternative for surgery for torn knee ligaments.

By controlling the injured knee, our patients are able to lead a much more active and pain-reduced lifestyle than their pathologies would allow them normally.

Overall, the use of braces enables our patients to lead a much more active and pain-reduced lifestyle than their knee pathologies would allow them normally.

Different sorts of braces are available, each designed to target a particular knee condition.


What sort of braces are there and how could they help me?


Un-Loader Brace

Un-loader braces are designed to help patients suffering from osteoarthritis (OA).

Knee osteoarthritis (knee OA), occurs when due to cartilage break-down, the knee bones rub against each other, causing pain and loss of movement.

Our un-loader braces work by reducing the pressure on the affected part of the knee, thereby reducing pain and thus allowing the patient to use the knee normally and more frequently.

CTi brace.

CTi braces are used most commonly following anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries.

After the initial repair of ruptures and torn ligaments CTi braces help prevent further injury by providing support and stability to the injured knee.