November 26, 2014
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Complete Rehabilitation

Avoiding getting injured this ski season

Have you ever been on a skiing trip and wish you had prepared for it better so you could spend longer on the slopes? Are you going on a ski trip and worried how your knees or back are going to cope with the slopes?

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If so then have you considered Synergy Skifit?

What is Synergy Skifit?
Synergy Skifit is a service which provides tailored and specific exercise programs to help you get the most out of your ski trip.
Through a number of specific and advanced movement assessment techniques a coach will help guide you to what strength exercises are needed for you to achieve your goals.

How will this help me?
There are many benefits to preparing properly before travelling. Firstly good strength and movement control will help protect any joints which might be prone to injury, especially if there is a history of previous injury. Also with better strength endurance the muscles will be better conditioned for the change in load they will experience when you are on the slopes. When we go away on an active holiday there can be a huge amount of time since we last put those strains through our body so conditioning the muscles before going should make the whole trip more enjoyable.

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Can’t I just get some exercise off the internet?
Yes, but these will be generic exercises designed for the average person. The exercises given to you will be specifically chosen from what has been found from a specialised strength and movement assessment. This means you know that each exercises is working on an area that would otherwise be prone to injury or to tiring before the day is out.

How are the sessions structured?
All sessions are 1 to1 with the coach. The first session is 1 hour where by a thorough strength and movement assessment is completed and from this a series of exercises is developed to best correct any problems highlighted, which are to be completed as regularly as the coach states. From then you have the option of further 45 minute sessions to progress the exercises or reassess your progress. How many sessions are needed or wanted can be discussed with the coach in your first session.

How else can I stay injury free on the slopes?
We have a previous blog which can be found here. Which goes through different reasons people get injured on their ski trips and how best to avoid.

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