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Post Natal MOT | Synergy

Woman getting back to exercise after having a baby

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Would you benefit from this service?

Are you newly post natal or had a baby within the past year?

Has your recovery not been 100%?
Have you been doing your pelvic floor exercises but feel that things are not improving?
Does your back ache or “twinge” from time to time?

You may not be using your pelvic floor correctly.

You may have an easily correctable pelvic girdle dysfunction lingering from your pregnancy.

Synergy Physiotherapy are now offering 20 minute MOTs – a post natal check up for new mums.

Your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles are crucial to efficient core function. Without this you may be prone to aches and niggles which may mar your enjoyment of your new baby. Good pelvic floor function will help good bladder and bowel function and a better sex life. It will prevent future problems with prolapse and continence.

A quick 20 minute MOT will check your pelvic girdle and pelvic floor function and look at your posture. You will then be given a course of action which may consist of some treatment, a home exercise programme or exercise classes.

We hope this session will help to put you on course to regaining optimum fitness so that you can enjoy family life to the full.

Call us: 01483 608350

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January 29th, 2022


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