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Have you had a knee injury in the past or do you have arthritic knee pain?
Our knee braces can get you back into action!

What does a brace do?

Our braces help control unstable knee movements to prevent injuries and protect surgical repairs. High energy sports such as skiing, wake boarding, motocross and skateboarding can give huge strains on the knee ligaments, as can any sport’s footwear with spikes or studs on soft ground.

Why should I get my brace at Synergy?

We pride ourselves on a quality bespoke service. To make sure the brace is right for your needs we include:
• An individual phone call with a Physio to discuss your needs
• Full measurements at the Clinic
• Fitting and Video Analysis included in price

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What type of brace would help me?

Different sorts of braces are available to stabilise knee movements in sport. Unlike neoprene compression braces that offer little in the way of joint protection or pain reduction, our specialist brace provides firm support whilst also being lightweight, very robust, and allows full normal range of movement.

The CTi Brace – Helps stabilise knees during sports to prevent knee sprains and over stretch.

Why does a CTi brace help?

After a ligament injury the knee’s ligaments remain vulnerable to repeat strains. Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) injuries are most common and can prevent a confident return to sport. Even with physiotherapy or operative repair the knee can still remain at risk when taking part in higher energy sports and this is where the brace steps in. Abnormal movement through the knee that would cause ligament strain, or rupture, is blocked by the brace and you’re still able to continue with your sport!

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October 27th, 2022


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