What is a Running Analysis? And why should I have one?

One of the things that make us different at Synergy is that if you’re a runner, we like to look at how you run! There are plenty of variables that contribute to reduced running performance and injuries. Running technique is definitely one of them. Hence, we need to analyse your running a little more in-depth at our running school.

What happens during a free running analysis?


First of all, we will ask you a few questions, get to know you a little better and understand exactly why you’re interested in a running technique analysis. It’s important we get to know you and your goals.


We will then record you at your usual race pace; this will be from behind and from the side. It’s important that we see you from both view points and also record your entire body.


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How is it different from a normal gait analysis?


We look at your running technique from a whole body perspective. This is extremely important as how your upper body moves can affect your lower body position, and vice-versa.


Don’t people run differently on a treadmill?


It’s true that subtle variations can be seen between the treadmill and running outdoors. However, studies suggest that even if you are typically uncomfortable on a treadmill you will be familiarised after a few short reps.


I’ve ran this way for years! How will I change?


Often people feel like they cannot change their technique and that it is ‘just how they run’. Changing your technique is like learning any new skill or altering something like a golf swing or swimming technique. Initially it may feel strange. But stick with it! You will reap the rewards.


Do I just need new shoes?


New shoes may help. Running shoes do not seem to dictate how we run. Typically, you should run in a trainer that is comfortable, and that’s sometimes as complicated as it needs to be. You most likely don’t need new shoes; you’re more likely to need a new running technique….


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