What happens during a free running analysis?

First of all, we will ask you a few questions, get to know you a little better and understand exactly why you’re interested in a running technique analysis. It’s important we get to know you and your goals.

We will then record you at your usual race pace; this will be from behind and from the side. It’s important that we see you from both view points and also record your entire body.


How is it different from a normal gait analysis?

We look at your running technique from a whole body perspective. This is extremely important as how your upper body moves can affect your lower body position, and vice-versa.

Don’t people run differently on a treadmill?

It’s true that subtle variations can be seen between the treadmill and running outdoors. However, studies suggest that even if you are typically uncomfortable on a treadmill you will be familiarised after a few short reps.

I’ve run this way for years! How will I change?

 Often people feel like they cannot change their technique and that it is ‘just how they run’. Changing your technique is like learning any new skill or altering something like a golf swing or swimming technique. Initially it may feel strange. But stick with it! You will reap the rewards.

Do I just need new shoes?

New shoes may help. Running shoes do not seem to dictate how we run. Typically, you should run in a trainer that is comfortable, and that’s sometimes as complicated as it needs to be. You most likely don’t need new shoes; you’re more likely to need a new running technique….

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