Train Smart This Year | Synergy

Train smart this year

It’s the same at the start of every year: more runners and cyclists on the road, a crammed gym and a dying need to burn off the Christmas calories. But by doing too much (volume), too hard (intensity) and too often (frequency),...

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Don’t Forget To Stretch - You Don’t Want To Pull A Muscle

Don’t forget to stretch – you don’t want to pull a muscle….

Ok, so this week I was looking about my local gym and looked through to one of their fitness studios. In big, black, bold writing was the statement above, ‘Don’t forget to stretch, you...

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Physiotherapy Job Opportunities

Physiotherapy Job Opportunities

Synergy Physiotherapy is a leading provider of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation based in Woking, Surrey. We have a passion for ensuring that all of our clients, whether young/old, sporty/less active, receive ‘Complete...

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But I Run? I Don’t Have To Be Strong, do I? | Synergy Physiotherapy

But I run? I don’t have to be strong, do I? Running is obviously a vastly popular activity that many of us like to enjoy! At Synergy, we see runners on a daily basis who want to either improve their running performance, tackle an injury that is...

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Flat Feet In Children | Synergy

What are flat feet? Feet have a natural arch which runs along the inside border of the foot, lifting the inner edge of the foot clear from the floor. When your child stands up, if the inside arch can’t be seen and instead the foot runs flat on the...

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How To Move And Sit To Save Your Back | Synergy Physio

Watch a toddler bend over to pick something up – they curl down and uncurl coming up – exactly what adults should do but usually don’t.

We do a lot of things in every day life that puts greater strain on our low back, maybe creating a problem...

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Spinning Sensation? You Might Have Vertigo | Synergy

If this happens often it can be a sign of Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV). Feeling like the room is spinning around you is described as vertigo. Up to 42% of the time this vertigo can be explained by a treatable condition called BPPV.

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Race Recovery | Synergy

You’ve put in the hard hours of training, you’ve tapered before your race, you planned your race day to perfection, so what do you need to think about now?


It can be a neglected part of racing because often the focus is on doing the...

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Hitting The Wall And Running On Through It | Synergy


That horrible moment when you hit ‘The wall’.

Your breathing quickly gets harder; your legs seem like lead. Every ounce of your body now screams “YOU CAN’T DO THIS” and self-doubt creeps in. You’ve hit ‘THE WALL’.

What you’re actually...

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Tapering - Synergy Physiotherapy Woking

How to Taper ready for the big day Tapering can be the most enjoyable phase of any training cycle or the most stressful, it is a surreal but wholly necessary period leading up to an event where you rest and recover from the relentless pursuit GPS...

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