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How to Change Your Running Forever in 90 minutes | Synergy Woking

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We can show you how to improve your running in just 90 minutes with a before and after video to prove it!

Has your running plateaued?
Are you struggling to run further or faster?
Do you continually have annoying niggles or injuries?

If you neglect your running technique you could find your training beginning to plateau. You may even find you get injured or that you’re in pain, leading to frustration and a lack of self-belief.

But what if you could get total clarity on your running and see where you need to improve. With improvements in just 1 session and clear training plans you could be hitting new personal bests whilst reducing your chance of injury.

Getting your gait analysed when you’re buying your running shoes is ok, but limited. A running MOT is totally different. In fact, it’s on a different planet! Running involves synchronised movement of the entire body, not just the feet. Everything from your head to your toes has a role to play. Poor movement patterns anywhere along the kinetic chain can cause problems further down the chain or higher up it. We need to view the entire body in motion, and not in isolation, and as such this is what will be analysed.

So here are 5 reasons why you should have a running MOT:

  • Expert running coach and a comprehensive, bespoke, full body running analysis.
  • Video analysis gives you the opportunity to see how you run. Visualising is key to making improvements, it gives you an objective look at what’s happening when you run.
  • To make running easier – changes in running technique alone can make you faster and more efficient. At the same time as reducing injury risk.
  • To get top tips that few people know on improving your strength. Tailored exercises to help enhance your movement and strength. Strength training is an important part of your training and shouldn’t be left out. Running will only get you so far.
  • To improve your running technique. Not only will your running improve in just 90 minutes, but you will leave knowing what to practice and how to improve further.

What does a running MOT involve?

Read more on what is involved:

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Date Posted

November 16th, 2023


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